Developed from years of experience working with different businesses in the same market sector, we have come to appreciate what is important (goals and values). We have also developed a good understanding of the usual requirements and complications of a particular industry.

Our aim is to nurture your success; increase customer satisfaction, product quality and ultimately, profit.

PiRho offers Consultancy, Design and Development services. If you would like guidance with a new project, or a hand with an existing project, contact us today.

Web Applications

A simple tool can make a massive impact, improving efficiency, speeding up processes and often revealing new business potential.

PiRho WebApps makes it easier for staff to access or store information, automation ensures that business functions are performed consistently.

Staff Roles may be used to taylor the experience to suit the task at hand, ensuring that everything is ready at hand and easy to navigate.

These applications are designed with mobile devices in mind, supporting the Remote Worker and BYoD.

Leveraging Big Data technologies and integrating with a Modern Workspace it is possible to make deeper insights into Business WorkFlow, allowing for informed decision-making.